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Great Glider Nest Tubes

A shortage of suitably-sized hollows to house Greater Gliders is one of the reasons these gorgeous Australian natives are endangered. Funding from Scenic Rim Regional Council and the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal has enabled Boonah and District Landcare to make 100 large nest tubes built to scientists’ rigid specifications. NDIS clients from Carinity…

Bushfire Mitigation for properties in the Scenic Rim

This project is funded by the Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science under a Community Sustainability Grant Scheme to support community climate action. The aim of the project is to mitigate carbon emissions produced by wildfires using cultural burning conducted by First Nations Fire Practitioners supported by other local organisations. This has been done…

Community Nest Project: Optimal Design

This post is a summary of our conclusions following extensive research and trials to ascertain the most effective artificial nest design for BaDL’s Community Nest Project.

Cultural Burning Workshop 1: Winter 2022

This burn took place on a private property near Whinpullin (Minto Crag). We learned which plants were ready for burning and how to monitor progress of the fire. It was fascinating to see the insects and birds responding immediately to the fire – moving quietly up trees or into the air to keep cool and…

Cultural Burning Workshop 2: Winter 2022

Conditions were not ideal for burning today but we still managed to make some progress under the direction of Leeton Lee from National Indigenous Fire Network , the crews from Wirrinyah Conservation Services and Bunya Peoples’ Aboriginal Corporation . These have been great learning opportunities. It has also been rewarding to know that we are…

Cultural Burning Workshop 3: Winter 2022

And another great day on country sharing and learning with crews from Wirrinyah Conservation Services and the Bunya Peoples’ Aboriginal Corporation. Thanks so much to Leeton Lee from National Indigenous Fire Network for leading us on this journey. Read more about this cultural burning project. Previous Next

Community Nest Project: Areas & Species

The BaDL Community Nest Project makes nests so local landholders and schools can help arboreal species survive loss of habitat, particularly following the 2019-20 wildfires.

Why are Cane Toads a Problem for Farmers?

Cane toads don’t only present a serious threat to native species and to pets, but they also significantly affect the productivity of farms, particularly beef cattle producers. Here’s why.

Cane Toad Facts

Cane toads (Rhinella marina, formerly Bufo marinus) are one of Australia’s worst introduced pests. Most people would know they were introduced to control cane beetles in 1935.

The Biggest & Baddest Toad

The biggest toad caught by a BaDL Cane Toad Bust team was 347 grams. That is, for the oldies like myself, just over three quarters of a pound!