Cane Toad Facts

Cane toads (Rhinella marina, formerly Bufo marinus) are one of Australia’s worst introduced pests. Most people would know they were introduced to control cane beetles in 1935.

It didn’t work and instead they have become a costly and environmentally disastrous blunder.

They’ve spread well beyond their original North Queensland haunts, found as far afield now as the Northern Territory, NSW and allegedly parts of Victoria.

The World Wildlife Fund estimates that the original 102 imported toads have increased in number to an estimated 200 million in a little under 90 years across much of Australia.

Yes, cane toads breed like rabbits, with a female capable of laying up to 70.000 eggs in one year!

And a female toad can live up to 15 years (unless we get our hands on them) so that means they could theoretically have over one million babies in a lifetime. For more facts on Cane Toads check out this WWF YouTube video.

By the way, did you know that Australia does not have any native toads, only native frogs?

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