A Visit to Whinpullin (Minto Crag)

In May 2021, BaDL organised a social and educational gathering at Whinpullin in the Scenic Rim.

Whinpullin, also known as Minto Crag, is an ancient rock formation to Boonah’s southwest. According to one story in Indigenous lore, the formation – now back in the hands of its Traditional Owners – is a giant ancestral eel.

Aboriginal academic, author and director of Dhagun Yumba Aboriginal Corporation (DYAC), David Spillman has been slowly piecing together the stories of Whinpullin through conversations with local Elders, the Indigenous community and mother country.

“For us, this rock is alive – he’s not a rock, he’s a gentle giant,” Mr Spillman said.

“Whinpullin is an ancestral eel, who has a huge water creation story here and it connects Ugarapul country to other mob’s country.

“This big fella is just on a completely different time scale to us humans. He’s still alive. He’s just having a rest.”

Friends and members of BaDL met at this special place to walk, talk, learn and socialise.

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